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The year is 1965, and the City is a hulking shell of itself. Bohemians, crooks, and snarling anti-Communists have their run of the place, but if Mr. Canada has his way, all this decline and decadence will soon be nothing but a distant memory. His New City Project will paper over the grit and the grime, making the City safe for the rich. According to him, the project the City’s last hope—but according to everyone else in town, it’s a death knell.

“Ball’s third thriller set in an unnamed American city (after 2011’s Scorch City) is his best yet…Portrays the realities of graft and moral compromise in government perfectly, and…builds to a stunning conclusion.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Invisible Streets works as both a thriller and as a contemplation of social philosophy in action. Taken with its older two brothers, this is fiction that can entertain as well as provide the spark of an idea or two about what’s important to us as individuals and as members of society living together in a city.”

Daily Kos

“Both a mystery and an examination of power and influence, Invisible Streets is an atmospheric, slow-burning book that illuminates the dehumanizing effects of uncompromising ideology and corruption. . .If you’re looking for a smart, provocative crime novel, try Invisible Streets.”

Concord Monitor

“Ball’s prose manages a striking balance between skillful wordplay and efficient storytelling. His novel is also bursting with a sense of creativity that might be overlooked because of how fitting everything seems for the world he’s fashioned.”

Jersey Journal

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Both The Vaults and Scorch City are available in paperback!

If you want a signed hardcover edition of either The Vaults or Scorch City, you can email me here.