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Still more book covers

Last summer I took some photos of book covers found in the collection of paperbacks up at my family’s summer house. I was up a couple of weeks ago again and found some more, which follow:

Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home

I have no idea what this book is about, though I read the first in the series something like thirty years ago and my memory is that it was nothing like this cover, which seems to be a preliminary sketch for a scene in a Scooby Doo episode. Plus, they ripped off the font from the Mystery Machine. What the hell?

The other strange thing is that the title states pretty clearly that the Rabbi is home, so why are these kids running away? Is he an evil or scary Rabbi? That wasn’t my impression from the first book, but how else to describe these frightened teens?

The Black Ice Score

We had a few in this series of Parker paperbacks and they all seemed to have the same elements: a guy in a some bad-ass 70s outfit carrying a slick instrument of death; an out-of-focus 70s babe in the background; and some extra piece that I assume has something to do with that particular book, in this case an African mask that I recently saw for sale at TJ Maxx, a hunting knife, and some diamonds. In other words: awesome.

London Match

This is another cover from a series, one of three three-book series by Len Deighton I read consecutively one summer. This cover is from the final of the Game/Set/Match trilogy and the main theme of the cover art for all three seems to be punishing this apple. The first one has only one knife goring the apparently rotting and hapless apple, the second has two, and this one has three. I’m not sure if it’s me, but it seems to me that the knives should be banging into each other somewhere inside the apple. It’s not a big thing, I guess, and, in fact, is arguably the only interesting part of this unimaginative visual metaphor.

The Kobra Manifesto

We’ve already looked at an Adam Hall cover from a more recent era, that featured a scorpion with Union Jack skin dripping Hammer and Sickle poison. It was equal parts ridiculous and cool. This one, well, it has a car blowing up on a tarmac, which never hurts, and another one on two wheels. In the background there seems to be a flaming gas line, though I wouldn’t testify to it. But the main thing about it is that it is really awful. If I hold a middle school contest to design my next book cover, you’ll know where I got the idea.

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  • Deborah/TheBookishDame August 23, 2011, 7:22 am

    OMGosh, I’m laughing so hard! I love this! Just to see these and remember my summers at my grandmother and Uncle Dude’s house sitting in that squeeky front porch swing reading every single James Bond book I could get my hands on. The covers were sooo awesome. Remember those? James, ever the sleek and stealthy man who carried his gun high and tight. :]
    Thanks for all of this. I would love to read your books and review them. I just found you on Macmillan. If your books are anything like your writing here on your blog, they have to be amazing.


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